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Mdr FitnessTabs for Men and Women, MDR Vital Factors (MDR)

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    The original AM/PM Fitness Tabs® from Medical Doctors' Research are patented because of their ability to work with aspirin as daily preventive therapy and to increase blood levels of nutrients that can increase immune defenses and support a healthy cardiovascular system within weeks of taking the formula. Mdr Fitness Tabs. The A.M. and P.M. dosage allows more absorption of the water soluble vitamins (B-complex and C) which are not readily stored by the body. The AM tablet provides more micronutrients required for energy producing reactions when physical activity is greater. The Mdr Fitness Tabs formulas are free of iodine, vitamin K, dyes, yeast, preservatives, fillers, soy, wheat gluten, lactose and other sugars.


    Mdr Fitness Tabs are designed to support good health and nutrition for men and women, 11 years of age or older, whenever a multi-vitamin, mineral supplement is indicated to help provide nutrients missing from the diet or to replace nutrient loss from oral contraceptives, antacids, excessive alcohol, smoking, physical or emotional stress, exercise, weight loss diets, or illness. Daily use of Mdr Fitness Tabs may also play a protective role for good health by assuring adequate intake of essential nutrients, including antioxidant nutrients shown in recent research to support cardiovascular health.

    Directions: After the first meal of the day, take one "AM" Fitness Tab (and one Stress Defense Performance Tab, or one MDR CardioTone if needed.) After lunch or dinner, take one "PM" Fitness Tab. Swallow Fitness Tab with a full glass of water.

    Note: MDR also provides a Stress Defense supplement to be taken with Mdr Fitness Tabs when higher dosages are indicated. MDR has formulated Vital Factors for persons over 40 years of age to supply secretagogues that help enhance the body's natural release of Human Growth Hormone, and to supply other vital factors which decline with age. A majority of users report increased vitality, energy, better sleep, reduced depression, improved flexibility, strength, lung capacity, and greater mental function after using Vital Factors.

    Also available: Nite-Cal Calcium, Vitamin B-12 Liquid B Complex, Chondro-Pro Arthritis Formula & Pain Relief Roll On, Cholesterol Defense, CardioTone Cardiovascular Nutritional Support, Longevity Antioxidants, Prostate Health Tabs, Cranberry Capsules, Triple Bioflavenoids, Healthy Tract Digestive Enzymes.


    As with most multivitamins, not recommended for persons with severe kidney disease or those undergoing renal dialysis, unless under a physician's supervision. Diabetics may need to adjust insulin dosage and should be monitored. Not recommended for those suffering from pernicious anemia, or Parkinson patients on levodopa therapy, due to the presence of vitamin B-6 which may in some cases decrease levodopa's efficacy. Pregnant and lactating women may need additional supplementation.

    For Samples, Product or Order Information Call

    1-800-637-8227 ext. 5111 or 5445 or email
      att: L. Giordano

    or write: (MDR) Medical Doctors' Research
      14101 NW 4th Street
      SUNRISE, FL 33325

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