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ALBERT F. BELLOWS (1829-1883), American landscapepainter, was born at Milford, Massachusetts, on the 20th of November 1829. He first studied architecture, then turned to painting, and worked in Paris and in the Royal Academy at Antwerp. He painted much in England; was a member of the National Academy of Design, and of the American Water Color Society, New York; and an honorary member of the Royal Belgian Society of Water-Colourists. His earlier work was genre, in oils; after 1865 he used water-colours more and more exclusively and painted landscapes. Among his water-colours are "Afternoon in Surrey" (1868); "Sunday in Devonshire" (1876), exhibited at the Philadelphia Exposition; "New England Village School" (1878); and "The Parsonage" (1879). He died in Auburndale,Massachusetts, on the 24th of November 1883.

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