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"ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER BENSON (1862-), English man of letters (see 3.745), was in 1915 elected master of Magdalene College, Cambridge. Among his recent books are Ruskin: a Study in Personality (1911) and biographies of his brother Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother (1915) and of his sister Life and Letters of Maggie Benson (1917), besides various volumes of essays and prose sketches.

His younger brother, Edward Frederick Benson (1867), published after 1910 a large number of novels, amongst which may be mentioned Thorley Weir (1913); Dodo the Second (1914); David Blaize (1916); Mr. Teddy (1917); The Countess of Lowndes Square (1920). He also wrote a one-act comedy, Dinner for Eight, which was successfully produced at the Ambassadors' theatre, London, in March 1915.

The youngest brother, Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914), died at Salford Oct. 19 1914. In 1911 he was appointed private chamberlain to Pope Pius X. His later books include The Dawn of All (1911), a curious forecast of England under Catholic government; Come Rack! Come Rope! (1912); An Average Man (1913) and Initiation (1914).

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