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"BARROW-IN-FURNESS, England (see 3.443).-The pop. (63,770 in 1911), which more than doubled during the World War, was estimated at 78,000 in 1920. The shipbuilding yards developed greatly and war vessels of all types, including dreadnoughts and submarines, were constructed during the war. The Cavendish dock adjoining the Ramsden dock on the E., 146 ac. in extent, has been leased by the Furness Railway Cp. to the firm of Vickers Ltd. for the construction of airship sheds and for the manoeuvring of airships and dirigibles. The airship factory is situated on Walney which is connected with the mainland by a bridge with an opening span of 120 ft. for the passage of vessels. Among the public buildings constructed since 1911 are the town hall with a clock tower 170 ft. high, built at a cost of £70,000, and a working-men's club and institute, the gift of a former mayor; a new Carnegie library was in course of erection in 1921.

Vickerstown on Walney I. is a rapidly growing township of model workmen's houses and is becoming more and more a residential suburb of Barrow. It has the James Dunn park on the E. and the Biggar Bank, a public recreation ground facing the Irish Sea, on the W. side of the island.

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