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"Felix Henry BATAILLE (1872-), French poet and playwright, was born at Nimes April 4 1872, and was educated at the lycee Henri IV. at Paris and the lycee Janson de Sailly. He brought out his first play, La Belle au bois dormant, in 1894 and his first volume of poetry, La Chambre blanche, in 1895. His dramatic work includes La Lepreuse (1896); Ton Sang and L'Enchantement (1900); Le Masque and Resurrection (1902); Maman Colibri (1904); La Marche Nuptiale (1905); Poliche (1906); Les Flambeaux (1912); Le Phalene (1913). Among his later poems may be mentioned La Divine Tragedie (1916) and La Quadrature de l'Amour (1920). Notre Image, in which Rejane made one of her last appearances, Les Sc urs d'Amour (1919), L'Homme a la Rose (1920) and La Tendresse (1921), are among his recent successful plays.

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