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"CHARLES FREDERICK MOBERLY BELL (1847-1911), British journalist, was born in Alexandria April 2 1847, the son of a merchant. He was educated in England, but in 1865 went back to Egypt and engaged in business. He soon began sending occasional correspondence to the London Times, and from 1875 onwards devoted himself mainly to journalism. By 1880, when he founded the Egyptian Gazette, he had become the regular correspondent for The Times in Egypt. He also published Khedives and Pashas (1884); Egyptian Finance (1887) and From Pharaoh to Fellah (1888). In 1890 he was summoned to London to take the post of manager (nominally assistant-manager) of The Times, at a time when it had suffered heavy financial losses over the proceedings connected with the Parnell Commission (see 20.858). From that date he devoted all his masterful energies to the journal he served. When The Times Publishing Co. was formed in 1908, and the financial control passed from the Walter family to Lord Northcliffe, he became managing director. He died suddenly whilst at work in The Times offices April 5 1911.

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