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FRANCOIS DE BAR (1538-1606), French scholar, was born at Seizencourt, near St Quentin, and having studied at the university of Paris entered the order of St Benedict. He soon became prior of the abbey of Anchin, near Pecquencourt, and passed much of his time in the valuable library of the abbey, studying ecclesiastical history, especially that of Flanders. He also made a catalogue of the manuscripts at Anchin and annotated many of them. During the French Revolution his manuscripts passed to the library at Douai. Bar died at Anchin on the 25th of March 1606.

See J. Lelong, Bibliotheque historique de la France (Paris, 1768-1778); C. C. A. Dehaisnes, " Catalogue des manuscrits de Douai, in the Catalogue gene'ral des manuscrits des bibliothe'ques des departements, t. vi. (Paris, 1849-1885).

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