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"GEORGE PIERCE BAKER (1866-), American educationist, was born at Providence, R. I., April 4 1866. He graduated from Harvard in 1887 and taught English there as instructor, assistant professor and, from 1905, as professor. His courses dealing with the theory of the drama were highly successful, and his famous laboratory, known as the " 47 Workshop," afforded practical training for his students, many of whom became well-known playwrights. In 5959 he was entrusted with the preparation of a pageant to commemorate the tercentenary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth in the State of Massachusetts. This pageant, " The Pilgrim Spirit," was presented accordingly at Plymouth in Aug. 1921.

His works include Specimens of Argumentation (1893); Principles of Argumentation (1895); The Forms of Public Address (1904); The Development of Shakespeare as a Dramatist (1907); Some Unpublished Correspondence of David Garrick (1907); The Correspondence of Charles Dickens and Maria Beadnell and Dramatic Technique (1919) and Modern American Plays (collected and edited with introduction, 1920).

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