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"HENRY BACON (1866-), American architect, was born at Watseka, Ill., Nov. 28 1866. In 1884 he entered the university of Illinois to study architecture, but in the following year began work in the office of Chamberlin & Whidden, in Boston, where he remained three years. From 1888 to 1897 he was with McKim, Mead & White, in New York, excepting the years 1889-91 which he spent in Europe as Rotch Travelling Scholar. From 1897 to 1903 he was a member of the firm of Brite & Bacon, in New York, and thereafter practised alone.

Among his important works were the Court of the Four Seasons at the Panama-Pacific Exposition; the Union Square Savings Bank, New York City; the Public Library, Paterson, N.J.; the Waterbury General Hospital, Waterbury, Conn.; and the Whittemore Memorial Bridge, Naugatuck, Conn. Of numerous monuments, some designed in collaboration with various sculptors, the following should be mentioned: the Lafayette Monument, Brooklyn, N.Y.; the Lincoln Monument, Lincoln, Neb.; the Longfellow Monument, Cambridge, Mass.; the Republic Monument and the Centennial Monument, Chicago, Ill.; the President Harrison Monument, Indianapolis, Ind.; the Civil War Memorial and World War Memorial, Yale University; and the Parnell Monument, Dublin, Ireland. In 1920 the Lincoln Memorial, at Washington, D.C., designed by him, was completed, costing more than $2,50o,000.

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