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JOHANN CHRISTIAN FELIX BAEHR (1798-1872), German philologist, was born at Darmstadt on the 13th of June 1798. He studied at the university of Heidelberg where he was appointed professor of classical philology in 1823, chief librarian in 1832, and on the retirement of G. F. Creuzer became director of the philological seminary. He died at Heidelberg on the 29th of November 1872. His earliest works were editions of Plutarch's Alcibiades (1822), Philopoemen, Flamininus, Pyrrhus (1826), the fragments of Ctesias (1824), and Herodotus (1830-1835, 18 551862). But most important of all were his works on Roman literature and humanistic studies in the middle ages: Geschichte der romischen Litteratur (4th ed., 1868-1870), and the supplementary volumes, Die christlichen Dichter and Geschichtschreiber Roms (2nd ed. ,1872), Die christlich-romische Theologie (1837), Geschichte der romischen Litteratur im karolingischen Zeitalter (1840).

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