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MICHEL BAUDIER (c. 1589-1645), French historian, was born in Languedoc. During the reign of Louis XIII. he was historiographer to the court of France. He contributed to French history by writing Histoire de la guerre de Flandre 1 5591609 (Paris, 1615); Histoire de l'administration du cardinal d'Amboise, grand ministre d'etat en France (Paris, 1634), a defence of the cardinal; and Histoire de l'administration de l'abbe Suger (Paris, 1645). Taking an especial interest in the Turks he wrote Inventaire general de l'histoire des Turcs (Paris, 1619); Histoire generale de la religion des Turcs avec la vie de leur prophete Mahomet (Paris, 1626); and Histoire generale du serail et de la cour du grand Turc (Paris, 1626; English trans. by E. Grimeston, London, 1635). Having heard the narrative of a Jesuit who had returned from China, Baudier wrote Histoire de la cour du roi de Chine (Paris, 1626; English trans. in vol. viii. of the Collection of Voyages and Travels of A. and J. Churchill, London, 1707-1747). He also wrote Vie du cardinal Ximenes (Paris, 1635), which was again published with a notice of the author by E. Baudier (Paris, 1851), and a curious romance entitled Histoire de l'incomparable administration deRomieu, grand ministre d'etat de Raymond Berenger, comic de Provence (Paris, 635). See J. Lelong, Bibliotheque historique de la France (Paris, 1768 1778); L. Moreri, Le Grand Dictionnaire historique (Amsterdam, 1740).

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