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"MRS. BERNARD BEERE [FANNY ] (1856-1915), English actress, was born at Norwich Oct. 5 1856. She was the daughter of Wilby Whitehead and was trained for the stage by Herman Vezin, appearing first in the Opera Comique, London, in 1877. Later she played Emilia in Othello and various old English comedy parts at the St. James's theatre. In 1883 she was engaged by the Bancrofts to play leading parts in Fedora and other dramas at the Haymarket. In 1891 she played Lady Teazle in Charles Wyndham's production of School for Scandal, and two years later Mrs. Arbuthnot with Herbert Tree in Oscar Wilde's A Woman of No Importance. She was three times married, but for stage purposes retained the name of her second husband. In 1900 she married Mr. A. C.

S. Olivier. She died in London March 25 1915.

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