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"BERTRAND EDWARD DAWSON, 1ST DAWSON OF PENN Baron, English physician. He studied medicine at University College and the London hospital, where in 1896 he became an assistant-physician. He carried out extensive researches on gastric affections, and became one of the leading authorities on this subject. He was appointed physician extraordinary to King Edward VII., and later physician in ordinary to King George V. During the World War he did very valuable work on war diseases, publishing various papers on paratyphoid and infective jaundice. He was made G.C.V.O. in 1918, K.C.M.G. in 1919, and in 1920 was raised to the peerage. He has published The Diagnosis and Operative Treatment of Diseases of the Stomach (1908), besides contributions to. Allchin's Manual of Medicine, and many papers in medical journals on gastric disorders.

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