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DROSTE - VISCHERING, CLEMENS AUGUST, Baron Von (1773-1845), German Roman Catholic divine, was born at Munster on the 21st of January 1773. He was educated in his native town and entered the priesthood in 1798; in 1807 the local chapter elected him vicar-general. This office he resigned in 1813 through his opposition to Napoleon, but assumed it again after the battle of Waterloo (1815) until a disagreement with the Prussian government in 1820 led to his abdication. He remained in private life until 1835, when he was appointed archbishop of Cologne. Here again his zeal for the supremacy of the church led him to break the agreement between the state and the Catholic bishops which he had signed at his installation, and he was arrested by the Prussian government in November 1837. A battle of pamphlets raged for some time; Droste was not re-installed but was obliged to accept a coadjutor. His chief works were: Ober die Religionsfreiheit der Katholiken (1817), and Ober den Frieden unter der Kirche and den Staaten (1843).

See Carl Mirbt's article in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyk. fie?. Prot. Theol. v. 23.

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