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"Theophile DELCASSE (1852-), French statesman (see 7.953), returned to office in the Monis Ministry of Feb. 1911, as Minister for the Navy, a post which he retained when Caillaux succeeded Monis, and in the Poincare Cabinet which was formed on Jan. 9 1912 after the fall of Caillaux over the Moroccan negotiations. He was appointed ambassador in St. Petersburg on Feb. 20 1913, and became once more Minister for Foreign Affairs in the reconstructed Viviani Cabinet on Aug. 26 1914. In this post he was actively concerned in counteracting the efforts of German diplomacy throughout the world, and particularly in England. He resigned from the Cabinet on Oct. 14 1915, partly on account of differences of opinion as to the advisability of proceeding with the dispatch of the expedition to Salonika in the changed conditions created by the resignation of M. Venizelos, and partly on the grounds of ill health.

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