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DELMEDIGO, a Cretan Jewish family, of whom the following are the most important: Elijah Delmedigo (1460-1497), philosopher, taught in several Italian centres of learning. He translated some of Averroes' commentaries into Latin at the instigation of Pico di Mirandola. In the sphere of religion, Delmedigo represents the tendency to depart from the scholastic attitude in which religion and philosophy were identified. His most important work was devoted to this end; it was entitled Behinath ha-Dath (Investigation of Religion).

Joseph Solomon Delmedigo (1591-1655), pupil of Galileo, wrote many books on science and philosophy, and bore a considerable part in initiating the critical movement in Judaism. He belonged to the sceptical school, and though his positive contributions to literature were not of lasting worth, Graetz includes him among the important formative influences within the synagogue of the 17th century. (I. A.) The Sevres Museum possesses some fragments of these decorations.

See Laborde, Château de Madrid (Paris, 1853), and Comptes des batiments du roi (Paris, 1877-1880), in which a full account is given of Girolamo's work in connexion with this palace.

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