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DIDOT (1790-1876) was his eldest son. After receiving a classical education, he spent three years in Greece and in the East; and on the retirement of his father in 1827 he undertook, in conjunction with his brother Hyacinthe, the direction of the publishing business. Their greatest undertaking was a new edition of the Thesaurus Graecae linguae of Henri Estienne, under the editorial care of the brothers Dindorf and M. Hase (9. vols., 1855-1859). Among the numerous important works published by the brothers, the 200 volumes forming the Bibliotheque des auteurs grecs, Bibliotheque latine, and Bibliotheque francaise deserve special mention. Ambroise Firmin Didot was the first to propose (1823) a subscription in favour of the Greeks, then in insurrection against Turkish tyranny. Besides a translation of Thucydides (1833), he wrote the articles "Estienne" in the Nouvelle Biographic generale, and "Typographie" in the Ency. mod., as well as Observations sur l'orthographie francaise (1867), &c. In 1875 he published a very learned and elaborate monograph on Aldus Manutius. His collection of MSS., the richest in France, was said to have been worth, at the time of his death, not less than 2,000,000 francs.

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