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DIDOT, the name of a family of learned French printers and publishers. Francois Didot (1689-1757), founder of the family, was born at Paris. He began business as a bookseller and printer in 1713, and among his undertakings was a collection of the travels of his friend the Abbe Prevost, in twenty volumes (1747). It was remarkable for its typographical perfection, and was adorned with many engravings and maps. Francois Ambroise Didot (1730-1804), son of Francois, made important improvements in type-founding, and was the first to attempt printing on vellum paper. Among the works which he published was the famous collection of French classics prepared by order of Louis XVI. for the education of the Dauphin, and the folio edition of L' Art de verifier les dates. PIERRE Francois Didot (1732-1795), his brother, devoted much attention to the art of type-founding and to paper-making. Among the works which issued from his press was an edition in folio of the Imitatio Christi (1788). Henri Didot (1765-1852), son of Pierre Francois, is celebrated for his "microscopic" editions of various standard works, for which he engraved the type when nearly seventy years of age. He was also the engraver of the assignats issued by the Constituent and Legislative Assemblies and the Convention.

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