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DIDOT SAINT-LEGER, second son of Pierre Francois, was the inventor of the paper-making machine known in England as the Didot machine. PIERRE DIDOT (1760-1853), eldest son of Francois Ambroise, is celebrated as the publisher of the beautiful "Louvre" editions of Virgil, Horace and Racine. The Racine, in three volumes folio, was pronounced in 1801 to be "the most perfect typographical production of all ages." FIRMIN DIDOT (1764-1836), his brother, second son of Francois Ambroise, sustained the reputation of the family both as printer and typefounder. He revived (if he did not invent - a distinction which in order of time belongs to William Ged) the process of stereotyping, and coined its name, and he first used the process in his edition of Callet's Tables of Logarithms (1795), in which he secured an accuracy till then unattainable. He published stereotyped editions of French, English and Italian classics at a very low price. He was the author of two tragedies - La Reine de Portugal and La Mort d'Annibal; and he wrote metrical translations from Virgil, Tyrtaeus and Theocritus. AMBROISE FIRMIN

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