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DORNBURG, a town of Germany, in the grand-duchy of SaxeWeimar, romantically situated on a hill 400 ft. above the Saale, on the railway Grossheringen-Jena and 7 m. N.E. of the latter. Pop. 700. Dornburg is an ancient town, but is chiefly famous for its three grand-ducal castles. Of these, the Altes Schloss is built on the site of an imperial stronghold (Kaiserpfalz), once a bulwark against the Slays, often a residence of the emperors Otto II. and Otto III., and where the emperor Henry II. held a diet in 1005; the Neues Schloss in Italian style of architecture, built 1728-1748, with pretty gardens. Here Goethe was often a guest, "healing the blows of fate and the wounds of the heart in Dornburg." The third and southernmost of the three is the socalled Stohmannsches Rittergut, purchased in 1824 and fitted as a modern palace.

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