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"EDUARDO DATO (1856-1921), Spanish politician, was born at Corunna Aug. 12 1856. He graduated in law at the univer sity of Madrid and was elected a deputy in 1884. An undersecretary for the Home Department in 1892, he became minister for the department in 1899, and distinguished himself in the study of social legislation, the fruits of which were special bills regarding accidents, insurance, and women's labour. In Dec. 1902 he became Minister of Justice, in 1907 mayor of Madrid, then president of the Chamber. He was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Social and Moral Sciences, June 20 1905. When in 1913 Senor Maura refused to take power except on conditions unacceptable to the King, Senor Dato, thinking that the Conservative party could not refuse to serve the Crown at a difficult moment, dissented from his chief, carrying with him the majority of his party, which elected him as its leader. He was still in office (1913-5) when the World War broke out, and was responsible for Spain's declaration of neutrality. He adhered firmly to that policy. Becoming prime minister again in 1917, he faced the great crisis of that summer. In 1920 he resumed office, and it was while prime minister that he was murdered in Madrid March 8 1921. Senor Dato had great social charm, persuasive talent and an unswerving will under flexible appearances.

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