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"EDWARD GEORGE VILLIERS STANLEY DERBY, 17TH Earl Of (1865-), English statesman (see 8.69), was in Jan. 1915 created a Knight of the Garter. In Oct. 1915 he became director of recruiting for the army, and as such was responsible for a new scheme for a final effort on behalf of voluntary service. A large number of recruits were obtained by Lord Derby's scheme, but as the numbers did not equal expectations the Military Service bill was introduced and carried in Jan. 1916. In Feb. 1916 Lord Derby became chairman of the naval and military air service joint committee, but resigned in April, becoming Under-Secretary of War in July. On the formation of Mr. Lloyd George's Government in Dec. 1916, he became Secretary of War, and in April 1918 was appointed British ambassador to France. He retired from the latter office in Nov. 1920.

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