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"EDWARD JOHN MORETON DRAX PLUNKETT, DUNSANY 18TH Baron (1878-), Irish author, was born in London July 24 1878 and educated at Eton and Sandhurst. He entered the army, holding a commission in the 1st batt. Coldstream Guards, and served in the South African War. He was transferred to the Reserve Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and was wounded in the World War, April 25 1916. He unsuccessfully contested W. Wilts. in the Conservative interest in 1906.

Amongst his prose works may be mentioned The Gods of Pegana (1905); Time and the Gods (1906); The Sword of Welleran (1908); A Dreamer's Tales (1910); Tales of War (1918); Unhappy Far-off Things (1919); Tales of Three Hemispheres (1920). His plays include The Glittering Gate (1909); King Argimenes (191 I); The Gods of the Mountain (1910; The Golden Doom (1912); A Night at an Inn (1916) and If (1921).

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