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EMMANUEL ADOLPHE DES ESSARTS (1839-), French poet and man of letters, was born at Paris on the 5th of February 1839. His father, Alfred Stanislas Langlois des Essarts (d. 1893), was a poet and novelist of considerable reputation. The son was educated at the Ecole Normale Superieure, and became a teacher of rhetoric and finally professor of literature at Dijon and at Clermont. His works are: Poesies parisiennes (1862), a volume of light verse on trifling subjects; Les Elevations (1864), philosophical poems; Origines de la poesie lyrique en France au XVI e siecle (1873); Du genie de Chateaubriand (1876); . Poemes de la Revolution (1879); Pallas Athene (1887); Portraits de maitres (1888), &c.

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