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"GERALD DU MAURIER (1873-), English actor, was born at Hampstead March 26 1873, the son of George Du Mau rier (see 8.658). He was educated at Harrow and first appeared on the stage at the age of twenty at the Garrick theatre, London, then under the management of John Hare. Two years later he joined Herbert Tree at the Haymarket and played with him in Shakespearean plays and his father's play of Trilby, as well as in various melodramas. Amongst many later successes may be mentioned his acting in Barrie's Peter Pan, The Admirable Crichton, Little Mary, What Every Woman Knows and Dear Brutus, and his performances as the hero of Conan Doyle's Rees and of McCutcheon's Brewster's Millions. He wrote the play A Royal Rival, produced by Lewis Waller, and with his brother, Guy Louis Busson Du Maurier (1865-1915), author of An Englishman's Home (1909), wrote Charles I. and II.

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