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JEAN DUMONT (d. 1726), French publicist, was born in France in the 17th century, the precise date being unknown. He followed the profession of arms; but, not obtaining promotion so rapidly as he expected, he quitted the service and travelled through different parts of Europe. He stopped in Holland with the intention of publishing an account of his travels. But in the interval, at the request of his bookseller, he wrote and published several pamphlets, which were eagerly sought after, owing to the unceremonious manner in which he treated the ministry of France. This freedom having deprived him of all hope of employment in his own country, he thought of forming a permanent establishment in that where he resided, and accordingly commenced a course of lectures on public law. The project succeeded far beyond his expectations; and some useful compilations which he published about the same period made him favourably known in other countries. The emperor appointed him his historiographer, and some time afterwards conferred on him the title of baron de Carlscroon. He died at Vienna in 1726, at an advanced age.

The following is a list of his publications: - (i) Voyages en France, en Italie, en Allemagne, d Malte, et en Turquie (Hague, 16 99, 4 vols. 12mo); (2) Memoires politiques pour server a la parfaite intelligence de l'histoire de la Paix de Ryswick (Hague, 16 99, 4 vols. 12mo); (3) Recherches modestes des causes de la presente guerre, en ce qui concerne les Provinces Unies (1713, 12mo); (4) Recueil de traites d'alliance, de pai, et de commerce entre les rois, princes, et etats, depuis la Paix de Munster (Amsterdam, 1710, 2 vols. 12mo); (5) Soupirs de l'Europe a la vue du projet de paix contenu dans la harangue de la reine de la Grande-Bretagne (1712, 12mo); (6) Corps universel diplomatique du droit des gens, contenant un recueil des traites de paix, d'alliance, &c., faits en Europe, depuis Charlemagne jusqu'a present (Amsterdam, 1626, and following years, 8 vols. fol., continued after Dumont's death by J. Rousset); and (7) Batailles gagnees par le Prince Eugene de Savoie (Hague, 1723). Dumont was also the author of Lettres historiques contenant cc qui se passe de plus important en Europe (12mo). This periodical, which was commenced in 1692, two volumes appearing annually, Dumont conducted till 1710, from which time it was continued by Basnage and others until 1728 The earlier volumes are much prized.

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