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"LEON DAUDET (1867-), French writer, son of Alphonse Daudet (see 7.848), was born in Paris Nov. 16 1867. He was educated at the lycee Louis le Grand, and afterwards studied medicine, a profession which he abandoned in 1894 for that of literature. He wrote many short stories and novels, and has also contributed to the Figaro, Gaulois and Libre Parole. He is an ardent royalist in politics, and was one of the group which in 1908 founded the royalist organ L' Action Francaise. He published in 1898 a Life of his father, and among his other works may be mentioned Les Morticoles (1894); Les Deux Etreintes (Igor); La Decheance (1904); Les Primaires (1906); La Lutte (1907) and L' Avant Guerre (1913). He produced various essays on the World War, and his latest novels include La Vermine du Monde (1916); Le Bonheur d'etre Riche (1917); Le Coeur et l'Absence (1917) and Dans la Lumiere (1919).

See R. Guillou, Leon Daudet (1918).

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