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PAULINE VIRGINIE DEJAZET (1798-1875), French actress, born in Paris on the 30th of Ausust 1798, made her first appearance on the stage at the age of five. It was not until 1820, when she began her seven years' connexion with the recently founded Gymnase, that she won her triumphs in soubrette and "breeches" parts, which came to be known as "Dejazets." From 1828 she played at the Nouveautes for three years, then at the Varietes, and finally became manager, with her son, of the Folies, which was renamed the Theatre Dejazet. Here, even at the age of sixty-five, she had marvellous success in youthful parts, especially in a number of Sardou's earlier plays, previously unacted. She retired in 1868, and died on the 1st of December 1875, leaving a great name in the annals of the French stage.

See Duval's Virginie Dejazet (1876).

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