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"RICHARD HARDING DAVIS (1864-1916), American writer, was born in Philadelphia April 18 1864. He studied at Lehigh University and Johns Hopkins, and in 1886 became a reporter on the Philadelphia Record. After working on several papers he served as managing editor of Harper's Weekly. He became widely known as a war correspondent, reporting every war from the Greco-Turkish War (1897) to the World War. Of his numerous works of fiction, the earliest are his best, especially Gallegher and Others (1891); Van Bibber and Other Stories (1892) and Episodes from Van Bibber's Life (1899). His other books include: Soldiers of Fortune (1897); Captain Macklin (1902); Vera the Medium (1908); The Bar Sinister (1904) and With the French in France and at Salonika (1916). His plays include Miss Civilization; The Dictator; The Galloper; The Orator of Zapata City and The Zone Police. He died near Mt. Kisco, N.Y., April i r 1916.

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