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RODOLPHE MADELEINE CLEOPHAS DARESTE DE LA CHAVANNE (1824-), French jurist, was born in Paris on the 25th of December 1824. He studied at the Ecole des Chartes and the Ecole de Droit, and starting early on a legal career he rose to be counsellor to the court of cassation (1877 to 1900). His first publication was an Essai sur Francois Hotman (1850), completed later by his publication of Hotman's correspondence in the Revue historique (1876), and he devoted the whole of his leisure to legal history. Of his writings may be mentioned Les Anciennes Lois de l'Islande (1881); Memoire sur les anciens monuments du droit de la Hongrie (1885), and Etudes d'histoire du droit (1889). On Greek law he wrote some notable works: Du pret a la grosse chez les Atheniens (1867); Les Inscriptions hypothecaires en Grece (1885), La Science du droit Grece: Platon, Aristote, Theophraste (1893), and Etude sur la loi de Gortyne (1885). He collaborated with Theodore Reinach and B. Haussoullier in their Recueil des inscriptions juridiques grecques (1905), and his name is worthily associated with the edition of Philippe de Beaumanoir's Coutumes de Beauvaisis, published by Salmon (2 vols., 1899, 1900)

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