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"SARAH EMILY DAVIES (1830-1921), British educationalist, was born at Southampton April 22 1830. She was educated at home, and later identified herself with the movement for the higher education of women, being also one of a group of women who about 1858 were discussing the question of women's suffrage at the Kensington Society. In 1862 she became secretary to the committee which was formed for the purpose of procuring the admission of women to university examinations, and from 1870 to 1873 was a member of the London school board. In 1873, she was elected a life governor of University College, London, and in 1882 became secretary of Girton College, Cambridge, retiring in 1904. She published The Higher Education of Women (1866) and Thoughts on sonic Questions relating to Women (1860-1908, 1910). She died in London July 13 1921.

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