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"WILLIAM HENRY DAVIES (1870-), British poet, was born at Newport, Monm., April 20 1870. He was apprenticed to a picture-frame maker, but when his apprentice days were over he tramped through America, crossed the Atlantic many times on cattle boats, became a pedlar and street singer in. England, and after eight years of this life published his first volume of poems, The Soul's Destroyer, from the Marshalsea prison. Next year appeared in prose The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp (1908) with a preface by G. Bernard Shaw, as well as Nature Poems and Others. A collected edition of his poems appeared in 1916, and Forty New Poems in 1918. He also published a novel, A Weak Woman (1911), and volumes of nature studies and essays, including A Poet's Pilgrimage (1918).

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