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"WILLIAM HENRY DINES (1855-), English meteorologist, was born in 1855, the son of G. Dines, also a meteorologist. He was educated at Woodcote House school, Windlesham, and afterwards entered Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he obtained a first-class in the mathematical tripos in 1881. He afterwards carried out some investigations for the Royal Meteorological Society on the subject of wind forces, and in connexion with this work designed the Dines pressure-tube anemometer. In 1901 he commenced researches into the problems of the upper air, and designed or perfected several instruments for use with kites, as well as a form of the Hargreaves box-kite, which proved of great value. In 1905 he was appointed by the Meteorological Office director of experiments in connexion with the investigation of the upper air, and in 1907 designed a meteorograph for use with balloons. He also produced, in conjunction with Dr. Napier Shaw, the microbarograph and a recording mercury barometer, as well as various other instruments. From 1901 to 1902 he was president of the Royal Meteorological Society and in 1905 was elected a fellow of the Royal Society. He was a member of the International Commission for Scientific Aeronautics, and became an hon. or corresponding member of various foreign scientific societies. He is the author of many important papers on the meteorology of the upper atmosphere which appeared in the Transactions of the Royal Society, the Geophysical Memoirs of the Meteorological Office and elsewhere.

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