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FELL. (I) (Through the O. Fr. fel, from Low Lat. fello, felon), savage, ruthless, deadly; only used now in poetry. (2) (Of Scandinavian origin, cf. Danish fjeld, probably connected with a Teutonic root appearing in German fels, rock), a hill, as in the names of mountains in the Lake District in England, e.g. Scawfell; also a lofty moorland down. (3) (A word common to Teutonic languages, cf. Ger. fell, and Dutch vel, cognate with Lat. pellis, skin), the pelt or hide of an animal, with the hair or wool and skin; also used of any thick shaggy covering, like a matted fleece. (4) To cause to "fall," a word common to Teutonic languages and akin to the root of the Lat. fallere and Gr. o- &XAet y, to cause to stumble, to deceive. As a substantive "fell" is used of a flat seam laid level with the surface of the fabric; also, in weaving, of the end of the web.

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