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FERDINAND ANDRE FOUQUE (1828-1904), French geologist and petrologist, was born at Mortain, dept. of La Manche, on the 21st of June 1828. At the age of twenty-one he entered the Ecole Normale in Paris, and from 1853 to 1858 he held the appointment of keeper of the scientific collections. In 1877 he became professor of natural history at the College de France, in Paris, and in 1881 he was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences. As a stratigraphical geologist he rendered much assistance on the Geological Survey of France, but in the course of time he gave his special attention to the study of volcanic phenomena and earthquakes, to minerals and rocks; and he was the first to introduce modern petrographical methods into France. His studies of the eruptive rocks of Corsica, Santorin and elsewhere; his researches on the artificial reproduction of eruptive rocks, and his treatise on the optical characters of felspars deserve special mention; but he was perhaps best known for the joint work which he carried on with his friend Michel Levy. He died on the 7th of March 1904. His chief publications were: Santorin et ses eruptions, 1879; (with A. Michel Levy) Mineralogie micrographique, Roches eruptives francaises (2 vols., 1879); and Synthese des mineraux et des roches (1882).

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