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FRANCCOIS XAVIER DE FELLER (1735-1802), Belgian author, was born at Brussels on the 18th of August 1735. In 1752 he entered a school of the Jesuits at Reims, where he manifested a great aptitude for mathematics and physical science. He commenced his novitiate two years afterwards, and in testimony of his admiration for the apostle of India added Xavier to his surname. On the expiry of his novitiate he became professor at Luxembourg, and afterwards at Liege. In 1764 he was appointed to the professorship of theology at Tyrnau in Hungary, but in 1771 he returned to Belgium and continued to discharge his professorial duties at Liege till the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773. The remainder of his life he devoted to study, travel and literature. On the invasion of Belgium by the French in 1794 he went to Paderborn, and remained there two years, after which he took up his residence at Ratisbon, where he died on the 2 3 rd of May 1802.

Feller's works exceed 120 volumes. In 1773 he published, under the assumed name Flexier de Reval (an anagram of Xavier de Feller), his Catechisme philosophique; and his principal work, Dictionnaire historique et litteraire (published in 1781 at Liege in 8 volumes, and afterwards several times reprinted and continues down to 1848), appeared under the same name. Among his other works the most important are Cours de morale chretienne et de litteralure religieuse and his Coup d'ceil sur congres d'Ems. The Journal historique et litteraire, published at Luxembourg and Liege from 1774 to 1794 in 70 volumes, was edited and in great part written by him.

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