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FREMANTLE, a seaport of Swan county, Western Australia, at the mouth of the Swan river, 12 m. by rail S. W. of Perth. It is the terminus of the Eastern railway, and is a town of some industrial activity, shipbuilding, soap-boiling, saw-milling, smelting, iron-founding, furniture-making, flour-milling, brewing and tanning being its chief industries. The harbour, by the construction of two long moles and the blasting away of the rocks at the bar, has been rendered secure. The English, French and German mail steamers call at the port. Fremantle became a municipality in 1871; but there are now three separate municipalities - Fremantle, with a population in 1901 of 14,704 Fremantle East (2494); and Fremantle North (3246). At Rottnest Island, off the harbour, there are government salt-works and a residence of the governor, also penal and reformatory establishments.

Fremiet, Emmanuel (1824-), French sculptor, born in Paris, was a nephew and pupil of Rude; he chiefly devoted himself to animal sculpture and to equestrian statues in armour. His earliest work was in scientific lithography (osteology), and for a while he served in times of adversity in the gruesome office of "painter to the Morgue." In 1843 he sent to the Salon a study of a "Gazelle," and after that date was very prolific in his works. His "Wounded Bear" and "Wounded Dog" were produced in 1850, and the Luxembourg Museum at once secured this striking example of his work. From 1855 to 1859 Fremiet was engaged on a series of military statuettes for Napoleon III. He produced his equestrian statue of "Napoleon I." in 1868, and of "Louis d'Orleans" in 1869 (at the Château de Pierrefonds) and in 1874 the first equestrian statue of "Joan of Arc," erected in the Place des Pyramides, Paris; this he afterwards (1889) replaced with another and still finer version. In the meanwhile he had exhibited his masterly "Gorilla and Woman" which won him a medal of honour at the Salon of 1887. Of the same character, and even more remarkable, is his "Ourang-Outangs and Borneo Savage" of 1895, a commission from the Paris Museum of Natural History. Fremiet also executed the statue of "St Michael" for the summit of the spire of the Eglise St Michel, and the equestrian statue of Velasquez for the Jardin de l'Infante at the Louvre. He became a member of the Academic des Beaux-Arts in 1892, and succeeded Barye as professor of animal drawing at the Natural History Museum of Paris.

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