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GEORG GUSTAV FULLEBORN (1769-1803), German philosopher, philologist and miscellaneous writer, was born at Glogau, Silesia, on the 2nd of March 1769, and died at Breslau on the 6th of February 1803. He was educated at the University of Halle, and was made doctor of philosophy in recognition of his thesis De Xenophane, Zenone et Gorgia. He took diaconal orders in 1791, but almost immediately became professor of classics at Breslau. His philosophical works include annotations to Garve's translation of the Politics of Aristotle (1799-1800), and a large share in the Beitrage zur Geschichte der Philosophie (published in twelve parts between 1791 and 1799), in which he collaborated with Forberg, Reinhold and Niethammer. In philology he wrote Encyclopaedia philologica sive primae lineae Isagoges in antiquorum stadia (1798; 2nd ed., 1805); Kurze Theorie des lateinischen Stils (1793); Leitfaden der Rhetorik (1802); and an annotated edition of the Satires of Persius. Under the pseudonym "Edelwald Justus" he published several collections of popular tales - Bunte Blatter (1795); Kleine Schriften zur Unterhaltung (1798); Nebenstunden (1799). After his death were published Taschenbuch fiir Brunnengaste (1806) and Kanzelreden (1807). He was a frequent contributor to the press, where his writings were very popular.

See Schummel, Geddchtnisrede (1803) and Garve and Fiilleborn; Meusel, Gelehrtes Teutschland, vol. ii.

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