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"HARRY BUXTON FORMAN (1842-1917), British man of letters and civil servant, was born in London July II 1842. He was educated at Teignmouth, and at the age of eighteen entered the postal service, where he remained until his retirement in 1907. being successively controller of the packet service and second secretary. He was for many years associated with the foreign branch of the service. It is, however, as a man of letters, and particularly as an authority on Shelley and Keats, that he is best known (see 24.832). His first book, Our Living Poets, was published in 1871, and was followed in 1876 by the first volume of his edition of the Prose and Poetical Works of Shelley, and in 1886 by the Shelley Library. He also published editions of Keats from 1883 onwards, and in 1896 Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her Scarcer Books. His last publication, Books of William Morris, appeared in 1897, in which year he was made C.B. He died at St. John's Wood, London, June 15 1917.

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