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HEINRICH LEBERECHT FLEISCHER (1801-1888), German Orientalist, was born at Schandau, Saxony, on the 21st of February 1801. From 1819 to 1824 he studied theology and oriental languages at Leipzig, subsequently continuing his studies in Paris. In 1836 he was appointed professor of oriental languages at Leipzig University, and retained this post till his death. His most important works were editions of Abulfeda's Historia ante-Islamica (1831-1834), and of Beidhawi's Commentary on the Koran (1846-1848). He compiled a catalogue of the oriental MSS. in the royal library at Dresden (1831); published an edition and German translation of Ali's Hundred Sayings (1837); the continuation of Babicht's edition of The Thousand and One Nights (vols. ix.-xii., 1842-1843); and an edition of Mahommed Ibrihim's Persian Grammar (1847). He also wrote an account of the Arabic, Turkish and Persian MSS. at the town library in Leipzig. He died there on the 10th of February 1888. Fleischer was one of the eight foreign members of the French Academy of Inscriptions and a knight of the German Ordre pour le Write.

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