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HIERONYMUS [ FABRICIUS FABRIZIO, GERONIM01 (1537-1619), Italian anatomist and embryologist, was surnamed Acquapendente from the episcopal city of that name, where he was born in 1 537. _ At Padua, after a course of philosophy, he studied medicine under G. Fallopius, whose successor as teacher of anatomy and surgery he became in 1562. From the senators of Venice he received numerous honours, and an anatomical theatre was built by them for his accommodation. He died at Venice on the 21st of May 1619. His works include De visione, voce et auditu (1600), De formate. foetu (1600), De venarum ostiolis (1603), De formatione ovi et pulli (1621), His collected works were published at Leipzig in 1687 as Opera omnia Anatomica et Physiologica, but the Leiden edition, published by Albinus in 1738, is preferred as containing a life of the author and the prefaces of his treatises. (See ANATOMY; EMBRYOLOGY.)

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