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JOHANN NEPOMUK VON FUCHS (1774-1856), German chemist and mineralogist, was born at Mattenzell, near Brennberg :in the Bavarian Forest, on the 15th of May 1774. In 1807 he became professor of chemistry and mineralogy at the university of Landshut, and in 1823 conservator of the mineralogical collections at Munich, where he was appointed professor of mineralogy three years later, on the removal thither of the university of Landshut. He retired in 1852, was ennobled by the king of Bavaria in 1854, and died at Munich on the 5th of March 1856. His name is chiefly known for his mineralogical observations and for his work on soluble glass.

His collected works, including Ober den Einfluss der Chemie and Mineralogie (1824), Die Naturgeschichte des Mineralreichs (1842), Ober die Theorien der Erde (1844), were published at Munich in 1856.

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