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JOHN FAWCETT (1768-1837), English actor and playwright, was born on the 29th of August 1768, the son of an actor of the same name (d. 1793). At the age of eighteen he ran away from school and appeared at Margate as Courtall in The Belle's Stratagem; afterwards he joined Tate Wilkinson's company and turned from tragedy to low comedy parts. In 1791 he appeared at Covent Garden, and in 1794 at the Haymarket. Colman, then manager of that house, wrote a number of parts designed to suit his talents, and two of Fawcett's greatest successes were as Dr. Pangloss in The Heir at Law (1797) and as Dr 011apod in The Poor Gentleman (1798). He retired from the stage in 1830.

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