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KARL NIKOLAS FRAAS (1810-1875), German botanist and agriculturist, was born at Rattelsdorf, near Bamberg, on the 8th of September 1810. After receiving his preliminary education at the gymnasium of Bamberg, he in 1830 entered the university of Munich, where he took his doctor's degree in 1834. Having devoted great attention to the study of botany, he went to Athens in 1835 as inspector of the court garden; and in April 1836 he became professor of botany at the university. In 1842 he returned to Germany and became teacher at the central agricultural school at Schleissheim. In 1847 he was appointed professor of agriculture at Munich, and in 1851 director of the central veterinary college. For many years he was secretary of the Agricultural Society of Bavaria, but resigned in 1861. He died at his estate of Neufreimann, near Munich, on the 9th of November 1875.

His principal works are: Zrocxeia rns BoravucCis (Athens, 1835); Synopsis florae classicae (Munich, 1845); Klima and Pflanzenwelt in der Zeit (Landsh., 1847); Histor.-encyklopad. Grundriss der Landwirthschaftslehre (Stuttgart, 1848); Geschichte der Landwirthschaft (Prague, 1851); Die Schule des Landbaues (Munich, 1852); Baierns Rinderrassen (Munich, 1853); Die kinstliche Fischerzeugung (Munich, 1854); Die Natur der Landwirthschaft (Munich, 18 57); Buch der Natur fur Landwirthe (Munich, 1860); Die Ackerbaukrisen and ihre Heilmittel (Munich, 1866); Das Wurzelleben der Culturpflanzen (Berlin, 1872); and Geschichte der Landbau and Forstwissenschaft seit dem r6'°" Jahrh. (Munich, 1865). He also founded and edited a weekly agricultural paper, the Schranne.

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