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PAUL FERRIER (1843-), French dramatist, was born at Montpellier on the 29th of March 1843. He had already produced several comedies when. in 1873 he secured real success with two short pieces, Chez l'avocat and Les Incendies de Massoulard. Others of his numerous plays are Les Compensations (1876); L' Art de tromper les femmes (1890), with M. Najac. One of Ferrier's greatest triumphs was the production with Fabrice Carre of Josephine vendue par ses sours (1886), an opera bouffe with music by Victor Roger. His opera libretti include La Marocaine (1879), music of J. Offenbach; Le Chevalier d'Harmental (1896) after the play of Dumas pore, for the music of A. Messager; La Fille de Tabarin (1901), with Victorien Sardou, music of Gabriel Pierne.

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