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PIERRE MARIE AUGUSTIN FILON (1841-), French man of letters, son of the historian Charles Auguste Desire Filon (1800-1875), was born in Paris in 1841. His father became professor of history at Douai, and eventually "inspecteur d'academic" in Paris; his principal works were Histoire comparee de France et de l'Angleterre (1832), Histoire de l'Europe au X VI e siecle (1838), La Diplomatie francaise sous Louis XV (1843), Histoire de 1'Italie naeridionale (1849), Histoire du senat romain (1850), Histoire de la dernocratie athenienne (1854). Educated at the Ecole normale, Augustin Filon was appointed tutor to the prince imperial and accompanied him to England, where he remained for some years. He is the author of Guy Patin, sa vie, sa correspondance (1862); Nos grands-peres (1887); Prosper Merinzee (1894); Sous la tyrannie (1900). On English subjects he has written chiefly under the pseudonym of Pierre Sandrie, Les Mariages de Londres (1875); Histoire de la litterature anglaise (1883); Le Thedtre anglais (1896), and La Caricature en Angleterre (1902).

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