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SEBASTIAN FOX MONCILLO (1526? - 1559?), Spanish scholar and philosopher, was born at Seville between 1526 and 1528. About 1548 he studied at Louvain, and, following the example of the Spanish Jew, Judas Abarbanel, published commentaries on Plato and Aristotle in which he endeavoured to reconcile their teaching. In 1559 he was appointed tutor to Don Carlos, son of Philip II., but did not live to take up the duties of the post, as he was lost at sea on his way to Spain. His most original work is the De imitatione, seu de informandi styli ratione libri II. (1554), a dialogue in which the author and his brother take part under the pseudonyms of Gaspar and Francisco Enuesia. Among Fox Morcillo's other publications are: (1) In Topica Ciceronis paraphrasis et scholia (1550); (2) In Platonis Timaeum commentarii (1554); (3) Compendium ethices philosophiae ex Platone, Aristotele, aliisque philosophis collectum; (4) De historiae institutione dialogus (1557), and (5) De naturae philosophia. He is the subject of an excellent monograph by Urbano Gonzalez DE LA Calle, Sebastian Fox Morcillo: estudio historico-critico de sus doctrinas (Madrid, 1903).

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