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"SIR GEORGE EULAS FOSTER (1847-), Canadian statesman, was born in Carleton co., New Brunswick, Sept. 3 1847. After a brilliant career in the university of New Brunswick, and also at Edinburgh and Heidelberg, he returned to Canada and taught in various local schools, eventually becoming professor of classics and ancient literature in a local university. In 1882 he became Conservative member for King's co., New Brunswick, in the Canadian Parliament; in 1885 entered the Cabinet of Sir John Macdonald as Minister of Marine and Fisheries; and in 1888 became Minister of Finance, which position he held until, the defeat of his party in 1896. He represented York, New Brunswick, 1896-1900, and from 1904 sat in the Dominion House of Commons as representative for North Toronto. He was appointed Minister of Trade and Commerce in the Borden administration, 1911, and upon the formation of the Union Government in 1917 retained the portfolio. A brilliant debater, a thorough believer in tariff protection for Canadian industries and preferential trade within the British Empire, he made a series of speeches in Great Britain in 1903, on the invitation of Mr. Chamberlain, in support of Imperial trade preference. He was one of the Canadian representatives to the coronation of King George and Queen Mary, June 1911, and was Canadian representative on the Dominions Royal Commission appointed by King George, 1912. He was sworn of the Imperial Privy Council in 1016, and the same year was appointed one of the four representatives of Great Britain to the Economic Conference of the Allies at Paris. In 1918 he was created K. C.M. G., and in 1920 was head of the Canadian delegation to the first assembly of the League of Nations at Geneva, being subsequently elected vice-president of the assembly.

Fouillee, Alfred Jules Smile (1838-1912), French philosopher (see 10.737 and 18.250), died at Lyons July 16 1912.

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