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"SIR GEORGE JAMES FRAMPTON (1860-), English sculptor, was born in 1860. He received his art training at the Royal Academy schools, where in 1887 he obtained a gold medal and the travelling studentship, and later under Mercie in Paris. In 1884 he exhibited " Socrates Teaching," but after some years tried experiments in other mediums than marble, with successful results. Frampton was elected A.R.A. in 1894, and received many important commissions, including a memorial statue of Queen Victoria for Calcutta; the sculpture on the exterior of Lloyds, London; the sculpture on the Glasgow art galleries; and the figures on the spire of St. Mary's, Oxford. He was elected R.A. in 1902, and in 1908 was knighted. His later works include busts of King George and Queen Mary for the Guildhall; " Maternity " (1905); a full-length seated statue of the Marquess of Salisbury (1907); the " Peter Pan " statue in Kensington Gardens (1912) and the Edith Cavell monument (1920). He also produced various fine designs for medals, including those commemorating the C.I.V. force and the coronation.

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