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"WILLIAM WARDE FOWLER (1847-1921), British classical scholar and ornithologist, was born at Langford Budville, Som., May 16 1847, the second son of John Coke Fowler, stipendiary magistrate of Swansea. He was educated at Marlborough and at Lincoln College, Oxford, graduating first class in literae humani- ores 1870, and being elected to a fellowship at his college two years later. From 1882 to 1904 he was sub-rector under W. W. Merry. In 1909-10 he was Gifford lecturer at Edinburgh. He combined exact scholarship with a living interest in the ancient world which made his classical studies, especially of Roman history, both readable and popular. They included a Life of Julius Caesar (1892); The Roman Festivals of the Period of the Republic (1899); Social Life at Rome in the Age of Cicero (1909); The Religious Experience of the Roman People (1911) and Roman Ideas of Deity (1914). Equally delightful were his writings on birds, A Year with the Birds (1886); Tales of the Birds (1888); Summer Studies of Birds and Books (1895); More Tales of the Birds (1902) and many occasional papers. His latest work included Essays in Brief for War Time (1916) and studies of Virgil's Aeneid. He died at Kingham, Oxon., June 14 1921.

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